The Abberly Property Fire Damage Service

Smoke Damage Clean Up

Building structure and contents that have not been directly affected by fire or heat will typically be covered with some carbon deposit residue. This soot, and the acidic residue it forms when combined with water, require removal in order to prevent secondary damage.

Whatever the type of smoke damage; wet fire damage, dry smoke damage, protein smoke damage, or other, Abberly Property will evaluate the damage and undertake the appropriate clean up operation.

We will evaluate what can be restored; the extent of the damage; the most cost effective cleaning method and how the property can best be returned to its pre-damage condition.

Whatever your property - whether you have a fire damaged kitchen, a burnt office or a smoke damaged shop  - we can provide professional assistance through our specialist fire damage repair team. 

Odour Remediation

Fire damage remediation is made more complex by the variable nature of smoke and its permeability. We are able to undertake assessment and clean-up of the path of smoke flow, to neutralise the odours wherever they have spread to in the property.

This is undertaken with fogging equipment and HEPA grade air filtration equipment to lock back the cause of odour and clean the environment.

We can restore your smoke damaged and odour-saturated property to its pre-damage condition. 

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